We extend an olive branch to BrewDog

Scottish brewery company BrewDog, who last week came under fire for making fun of marginalized groups in a new Crowdfunding video, have had an olive branch (of sorts) extended to them by the Queerest of the Queer.

Our video is in response to BrewDog’s plea to their fans to contribute money in order to save them from the ‘humiliation’ of living on the streets, or working in the sex industry dressed in lingerie. Almost immediately, over 8000 signatures were raised asking BrewDog to pull their advert and apologise.

Self-proclaimed punks BrewDog responded with James Watt, co-Founder of BrewDog stating to HuffingtonPost that “it’s a shame that some people have taken offence.”

This ‘sorrynotsorry’ response has not been good enough for some of the independent brewery’s previous fans, including our producers.

In our response video, producer, Dr J and sidekick Queerest worker, Sian, explore their disappointment in the company, referencing the discussions the festival were having with BrewDog about sponsoring our festival (which is donating 10% of their profits to LGBT homeless charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust) and their betrayal at the company’s blasé attitude to these issues. But rather than the usual hand-wringing, we end the video by inviting BrewDog to the 12 hour festival, wanting them to come and revel in the fun and mischief that can be had without offence.

BrewDog’s Watt said to HuffingtonPost, “We have a history of supporting and championing the LGBT community, and will continue doing so…. watch this space.”

James Watt – we at Queerest of the Queer are watching, and have reserved you a space.