The Fabulus of Unicorns

Hoofs for hire with the our soul purpose to spread the sparkle.

Walkabout performance.
Stage dancing.
Production and fluffing.
Purveyors of fabulousness.

Here are the Principles of Unicornia we live by. If they resonate with you, come join the Glampede and spread the sparkle with us:

1. Always be fabulous to one another and the UniForce will deliver; give, give, give with all your heart and all you will receive is love, love, love.

2. When you shine you enable others to shine around you. As Unicorns are always adorned in glitter we always shine.

3. If you love everyone there will be more love in the world. Have many lovers and love all of them; make-out and make love with a pure heart and make everyone feel fabulous and sexy. This is key to spreading the sparkle.

4. You can’t cage a unicorn. We are a symbol of Freedom. We live free and our spirits never age, so be fabulous, have fun and play.

5. We are all Gods & Goddesses. We create the heaven we want to live in. But remember: with a great horn comes fabulous responsibilities.

6. Fabulousness attracts Fabulousness. There is no Uniform in Unicorn. That’s why we are all so fabulously unique.

7. A unicorn is never late nor on time. They arrive when they mean to arrive, bringing the party with them.

8. Be kind and help others. But make sure you help yourself first so your sparkle levels are 100%. This way your power can go further. Unicorns believe whatever life throws at you it’ll always turn out sparkly in the end or its not the end.

9. Dedicate yourself to your dreams. Be pure with your intentions, share your goals and the power of manifestation will whip them up from the UniForce.

10. Never be afraid of change. Embrace it! You wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t change.


We don't know what The Fabulus of Unicorns are doing, but we love it!

We don’t know what The Fabulus of Unicorns are doing, but we love it!