The Super Luchadoras in Training (S.L.I.T.S)

Hard femme violent dance troupe made of trainee Luchadora superstars.

SLITs are a gaggle of super luchadoras in training at the London School of Lucha Libre.

A splinter away from the professional wrestling world, we aim to marry stunts, dancing, performance, comedy and classic pop hits into a fifteen minute show – not suitable for all the family.

The SLITs use their acts to break away from the harsh realities of lucha libre training, bad hand-eye-co ordination and he drudgery of day to day living.

‘We’re Pam’s People mixed with a biker girl gang. We’re Hulk Hogan in a leopard print lycra catsuit. We are fake blood, home made robot masks and sisterhood. We are punk ninjas with camel toes.
We are the SLITs.’


Scared? You should be.

Scared? You should be.