Seth Corbin

Trans punk/folk musician making sappy songs.
One man band.

‘I tap my foot a lot and sing songs about things that make me sad.’

Seth Corbin is a queer anti-folk/punk musician deriving from a small conservative market town where nothing remotely exciting happens, and now currently settling in the big smoke. (London UK)

Inspired by 80’s punk rock, 90’s grunge and electro.
Seth performs solo folk-punk/pop rock accompanied by a stomp box and a tambourine attached to his foot.

Classic song topics include, ‘when friends get into relationships and disappear from yr life,’ ‘why do i have to be drunk in order to enjoy your company,’ and ‘if I don’t find an excuse to leave this party I’m going to punch myself in the face in order to have an excuse.’

Official Website

Seth Corbin, rocking.

Seth Corbin, rocking.