Ophelia Bitz

Producer, performer, mistress of Art Wank
Emcee, vocalist, Sex geek
Art Fiend. Bad-ass Feminist.

The sharpest razor-tongued wit in London; Ophelia Bitz is a vocalist, ring-mistress, compere and performance artist with a reputation for stealing hearts, drinks, and anything else not nailed to the table. Hang on to your hats!

Wether commanding audiences of thousands as she hosts glittering burlesque and circus shows, enchanting underground cabaret clubs with her powerful and expressive voice or risking life and limb as she executes traditional sideshow stunts with fire, broken glass and rubber lobsters, Ophelia gives everything her years of stage experience have taught her and never leaves an audience unsatisfied wether she is hosting a life-drawing class in a shark tank (Brighton 2008) or creating a sacrilegious musical in an Austrian prison (2007).

Draped with her menagerie of faux circus animals (two headed wolves, winged monkeys, rubber lobsters) and always corsetted and glittered to imperfection Ophelia looks as striking as she sounds. Boasting a cleavage as deep as her mind is broad and striding the stage on perilously expensive shoes, Ms Bitz leaves a lasting impression!


Ophelia Bitz, making wine... we think.

Ophelia Bitz, making wine… we think.