Le Tomatique

Clowning, leaping, buffoonery, nonsense, queer, dada, feminism, words, shapes, pressing buttons, selective anthropomorphization of foodstuffs, mocking the fetishization of the dead white male philosopher.

Le Tomatique are a Duo of Nonsensical and Grotesque Word-Shapers and Body-Movers composed of V V Vroom and H P Source.

Influenced by everything, from Dada to David Hoyle; from Bauhaus to Beyonce; from Lewis Carroll to Line-Dancing; from Mung Beans to My Little Pony. Le Tomatique are composed of V. V. Vroom and H. P. Source.


That sign reads 'NIETZSCHE' by the way.

That sign reads ‘NIETZSCHE’ by the way.