Resistance Gallery

265 Poyser Street. Bethnal Green. E2 9RF

Insert cute Queer punning title here

Guys you have trusted us twice now to give you mega amazing night and now here we come with another one! you wanna have a sneaky peek at whats cooking in our kitchen for Queerest of the Queer Festival of course you do…..This night has no name as it seems to be what all the cool kids are doing alternatively we could pick two queer sounding things at random and smash them together :)such as kawaii space pizza octupus!
anyhoo we have a feast for your eyes and ears on our stage!

Teasing you with some of the Queerest of the Queer Festival lineup are:

Bae Bee Lame
Jon Atwood (Ragina)
SLITS – Super Luchadoras In Training
Drewsie Kayden (Virgin Extravagnza)
Snake Fervor

Hosted by the incomparable Meth with cohost Maria Kinsella

And this delicious feast topped off with the cream and sprinkles of TeTe Bang on decks to provide that sweet topper to a feast of queer.

Come along and Bring everyone you know! xx Lurve the Queerest Team xx

Tickets £5 on the door

CASH ONLY Darlings – bring plenty for frozen margaritas and beer deals – “drink sensibly”