Daniel versus the world

Queer piano pop punx!

Daniel – Vocals, piano, electric piano, keyboard, organetta, glockenspiel, whistling, hand clapping, foot stomping, finger clicking, screams and shouts.

Daniel has written songs about equality and love, friends and family, and basically anything that affects him in his life.
He really love Tori Amos, cheesecake, coffee in the morning, dancing to anything, and all of his friends and family.
He really hate machoism, the Westboro Baptist Church, having to get out of bed early, and fascists.

The band features and has featured the following people:
Carmela Pietrangelo (Colour Me Wednesday/Ay, Carmela!) – guitar; bass; vocals
Laura Ankles (Blockfort/Ay, Carmela!) – drums; vocals
Sam Brackley (Ay, Carmela!/Colour Me Wednesday) – guitar; bass; vocals
Jack (Queer Punx Podcast) – bass
Cj Reay (Kinky/The Casual Terrorist) – guitar
Kate O’Connor (No Ditching/Kinky/Fashanu) – drums

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Daniel versus the world, with complimenting colours.

Daniel versus the world, with complimenting colours.